Advantages and benefits of the system

System benefits:

  1. It will save money, time, water ...
  2. use is easy and safe.
  3. Improves your kitchens hygiene.
  4. Reduces fire hazards.
  5. Improves employee morale.
  6. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly.
  7. It is guaranteed for 5 years.
  8. Variety in sizes that fit your kitchen.
  9. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The aim is to provide a system that not only improves hygiene and cleanliness, but allows the customer to save time and money, as it will save labor costs, hot water and cleaning products.

Important economic savings, significant savings in labor, water, electricity, gas and cleaning products.

Time saving

Saving time, availability of staff for other important tasks.

Global cleaning

Exhaust hood filters work more efficiently when clean, reducing oil and grease on the walls, floors, pipe system, fan blades and exhaust motors, requiring less maintenance and longer service life .

Better ventilation

Clean filters allow greater extraction of hot air in the kitchen, creating a cooler work environment.

Life time of kitchen tools extended

Equipment and filters will have a longer life by not being impregnated with corrosive liquids, causing scratches or corrosion.

Less risk, more safety

Cleaner filters reduce stormwater fire hazards in the kitchen.

Enviromentally sensitive

The system complies with the safety and fire protection standards.

Eliminates the task of shaving grease

Compliance with regulatory cleaning standards, whose violation not only poses a high risk to the health of customers and with it a great harm to the good image of the business, but also can bring great economic sanctions. From an environmental point of view, our cleaning system has many advantageous features that make it the perfect ally of the environment, one of which is water saving.